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...life is looking up...

isnt it amazing how people can touch our lives with simple words and kind jestures and unconditional love?
im just discovering how to live again.. how to be myself... how to open my eyes to new oppourtunities, new goals, a new life.
there will always be good days and bad days, but always at the end of the day there is that one person who cares about you. the one person who knows you. that one person who is thinking about you.
i feel so alive.
i feel so beautiful.
i feel so new.
thank you.
thank you for caring, for helping me up when im down, for holding my hand, for growing with me, for being my friend, for inspiring me to get up every single day, for never giving up on me, for insrping me to be myself, for helping me get back up on my feet and for helping me find who i really am.
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