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4 November
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...Well... Obviously, my name is Emma and I am 16 and a junior at Saugus High (bummer). I dont know what else to say.. so i am going to ramble. I am in love with Saosin, Caitlin Bridges, food, my 2 new jackets, Alexis' glasses, my Element (the car ya know), taking random pictures with caitlin, Nick dressing up in girls clothes, stealing BBQ sauce from Wildfire with Judith, going to the beach, dancing, My Chemical Romance, my Party Crew, Sims Superstar, my bed, warm summer nights, video editing (yeah... I know, Im a total AV nerd, but me and Sara are in it to the end), going to Something Corprate shows with Susannah, Daryl, and Alexis screaming "FREE BOOBS" and hitting on random emo boys while making fun of stupid groupies, hanging with my crew, making fun of Caitlin (because it is a rare occasion... because they all make of of me!!), VMons, JoMons, being Nicks stylist, being a groupie, singing at the top of my lungs to random drivers, dancing in my car with Caitlin, being Punk'd, shopping, spending my moms money, driving around aimlessly, getting naked in my car becuase I ALWAYS loose at Piddle (aka: Sex), my futer MAC computer, make-up, shows, annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd hitting on random men. and thats meeeeeeeee!!!!!