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cha cha...

so life is interesting at the moment.
it isnt bad, but it isnt amazing.
i loooove living alone. its so cool, but at the same time i dont like being alone. im glad that i have people over all the time otherwise i dont know waht kinda of trouble id get mysefl into haha. but its a new experiance, and i cant wait to actually be on my own. hopefully ill live with my friends in hollywood and going to film school this time next year... god.. how amazing would that be?! or to be a casting director or at least working in a casting office.... anything in the entertainment business. i cannot WAIT.
its pouring outside... and i love it.
i wish i could sing. random?! i know
so my birthday is in like 2 weeks... 18. WOW. i cant belive it. i dont want to grow up, but i do. weeeeeeeeird.
speaking of weird... today has been weird. i was in clairmont and im drving home... and i decide to stop at noahs bagels... i see nicks car and im like AH awkward... so i get out of my car and get on the phone to call elize, and tyler pulls into the parking lot and im like AH weeeeird. so we ended up having bagels and coffee together... weeeird right!? i didnt run into nick, but it prolly would have been weird beucase he would have like ignored me, but STILLL. and i got a call from my work this morning to be there at freakin 1 to 10 and i was like hhahaha NO. so i have to go in at like 4ish. i dont want to go, but i need money so whateeeeevvvver. ugh. i love the new job, but im lazy lol. nothin new there, but i thikn that this job is a keeper... i dont think ill fuck this one up.. i hope.
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