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beside the fact that nick and tyler had to calm me WAY down at the airport before i left and that at the sight of the SMALLEST plane i have ever flown in... the flight was OK. i thought i was going to throw up a couple of times, but i made it.
so here i am... day 2 of Idaho...
as i expected its been way boring, but its been nice to just get away from everything.
i got to skate again yesturday... first time in almost 2 years... it was amazing.
i did so so much better then i had anticipated...
i was able to get my spins and i landed my axel... woo!!
it made me so so so happy. so i cant wait to get home and be able to skate again and start all over...
if im not too lazy. but yeah... my mom still desperately wants me to move up here, but i dont think mentally id be able to make such a change... i mean yeah it would be nice to not have to live with my dad but i dont think i could bring myself to 1. living with my mother. 2. living with out my friends. 3. living in IDAHO. and 4. living in idaho.
i mean its that simple. lol.
i just feel bad beucase she makes me feel like i have to. but i dont know. its way confusuing.

im kinda pissed at myself beucase i forgot my phone and iPod charger... what am i going to do?! and id say oh! i can go buy a new one, but the closest place that prolly has an iPod charger is about 3 hours away... at the clostest mall... WONDERFUL huh!?

tonight should be way fun... all the family and friends are coming over for a party and so i can see everyone. woop woop.
i tired to make creme brulle'. dont know how that will turn out.. but hey its worth a shot.
i cant wait to come home and see everyone, but i dont want to go home for the one fact that my father hates me and doesnt want me living in the house with him. hahah. be-a-utiful isnt it!? oh well..

let the festivities begin!
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