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so im leaving for idaho tomorrow after school.
kinda excited...
kinda not.
my dad is kicking me out of the house.
so hopefully i dont have to move up there.
that would compeltly devistate me to he fullest.
i dont even know why he is kicking me out.
its totally random.
totally uncalled for.
thank god for me friends... they are my sanity.
ill see you all in 3 days.
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tell your mother that I say hello, oh and u should give shiz a call because he supposedly lives there now. are u driving, or flying ?
haha... NO WAY!!!! shizawn gizzardiner... in IDAHO?!
oh my.
if that is true my weekend just got 50 times better.
id tell him we could go cow tipping.
and id tip one and scream "THAT WAS FOR ALEXISSSSSS!!!"